North to the Yukon - a Cycling Trip


Starting May 20, I rode from Colorado Spring, CO to Inuvik, NWT, into Alaska, down the West Coast and back.  I have posted blog entries and photos from the trip here.

This bicycle trip was roughly a counter clockwise loop through much of western and northern North America.  A major objective was to bike the Dempster Highway which is a 480 mile gravel road from near Dawson, Yukon to Inuvik, NWT.  This "highway" traverses the subarctic to arctic interface through scenic, remote territory.  This almost a thousand  miles biking both ways on the Dempster was part of the approximately 5,000 miles of "north" (i.e. northern Alberta, BC, Yukon, AK).  Experiencing this quantity of the "north" was a big part of what this trip is about.  The several thousand miles to and from this north-land tied it all together.


Colorado Springs to Inuvik and back

This site is the travelogue of a bicycle trip taken by Edward Boggess from May through October 2009.